SHWAT Article: What Night Vision Should I Use?

Excerpt: Rifle Mounted Night Vision Scopes – The Green and White

Night Optics D740 Gen 2That said, while it might be the coolest kit for NV hunting, the helmet mounted PVS-14 isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to get started in night hunting. Fortunately, TNVC provided a Night Optics Gen 3 D750 Marauder 4x magnified NV scope and a Gen 2 White Phosphor D760. I didn’t have the chance to use either, but they sure looked sweet. I asked Brian McCombie to chime in here with his thoughts on using these two rifle mounted magnified scopes for hog hunting with his Remington R25 Gen 2 .308 rifle:
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Ultimate Night Vision Test the Panther 336 Thermal Riflescope

Ultimate Night Vision demonstrates the excellent quality and performance of the new Panther 336 Thermal Riflescope. The footage was captured using their new 1 touch DVR system.

Check out the DVR here:

Night Optics Panther 336 Riflescope: