We’ve been Busy!

Our team has been hard at work here in Huntington Beach and abroad working on a number of Amazing projects that include everything from TV to new business relationships. While most of the details are still on the hush, we do have news that we can share.

D-930 Day/Night Weapon SightSpring 2011 –¬†Night Optics USA awarded a contract for (50) Night Optics USA D-930 Day/Night clip-on weapon sights paired Bushnell’s Elite daytime rifle scopes.

The purchasing party has further expressed the possibility of ordering an additional 100 units.

The Nomads of Night Optics USA – Some of our team members have taken the show on the road, criss crossing the globe for various events, training, and meetings. In the last 2 months we’ve had people in Indonesia, Mexico, Virginia, Texas and Chicago. This weekend (6/11/2011) we’ll be in Northern Los Angeles rubbing elbows with celebrities at the Hollywood Celebrity Sporting Clays Invitational. Fun, Guns, food and music! Don’t worry we’ll have photos so you won’t miss a thing!

The .com – We’ve made some enhancements to our website. We finally separated our Night Vision devices by Generation for much easier Navigation. We’ve also addressed some functionality issues in our store and made some structural modifications to improve performance. Returning visitors should be able to note an improvement in overall performance.

We are currently building our all new newsletter which will be distributed in the next week or so.

We are also launching some new promotions and something new that we will be calling “Dealer Spotlight” every month we will select ¬†one of our online resellers and promote their business and some of the things they have going on in their neck-of-the-woods. It should be interesting!

We Got Covered – Our friends at Shotgun News Magazine will be featuring our D-760 Night Vision Weapon Scope on the cover of their July 20, 2011 magazine followed by a 2 page spread. It should be a good read. Make sure you get your issue. Then go get a D-760 to add to your collection.

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