Field-Testing the NEW Extended-Range (ERS) Tactical Kit

Night Optics USA has been doing extensive R&D on a line of new ultra high performance day/ night tactical kits. The idea is to create a versatile system that could be used in a variety of situations. If you’re a hunter, but don’t do enough night-time hunting to justify a dedicated night vision weapon scope, you might consider adapting a night vision monocular that you can also use for other things like nature watching, hiking & night photography. If you are a law enforcement officer whose department is on a tight budget, you need the best bang for your buck!

We searched high and low for day scopes that offered a great combination of quality, performance and affordability, to use with our night vision products that could appeal to a wide range of users. When using night vision with a daytime weapon sight, the most important hurdle to overcome is light transmission. The weapon sight must have great light transference so that there is minimal degradation in image quality. When we tested our products with the new line of Bushnell Elite Tactical riflescopes, we knew that our search was over! Bushnell delivered everything that we were looking for – Quality, performance & affordability.

Testing the ERS Tactical Kit

Our top-shelf tactical kit features the Night Optics USA D-930 day/night weapon sight mated to the front of the new Bushnell Elite Tactical HDMR 3.5-21x 50mm Riflescope with a Night Optics USA MT61 Throw-lever adaptor. This configuration is geared towards Military, Law Enforcement professionals and sportsmen who need extended-range capability.

Enlisting the shooter | Enter Steve Langford

When the time came to put the new ERS kit through its paces we enlisted the services of Mr. Steve Langford. Steve is a man’s man, having hunted in some of the interesting places in the world, he flies commercial aircraft and is a competitive shooter. Steve is also a training specialist in sniper skills and night vision for US law enforcement and international military organizations. Steve has also consulted with companies like Bushnell, Ferfrans, Millett as well as serving as a firearms expert for court cases. Steve took the kit out for a shakedown and here is his report:

The Bushnell Tactical HDMR scope was installed on an Armalite AR10 match grade rifle and sighted in during daylight at a range of 100 yards. The scope was easy to sight  in with positive clicks and measured reticle there was no problem getting it zeroed.

After dark I installed the Night Optics USA D-930 Night Vision device and fired the rifle at the 100 yard target.  I used a setting of 8x on the rifle scope which was a good magnification for this range, I also tried other magnifications from 3 1/2x to 21x. I found that the night vision scope with the ambient light of starlight and sky reflection from the city produced an outstanding, sharp and detailed images. I found that the optimal magnification settings were between 3 1/2x and 15x for the best image quality with no noise (Noise in night vision is the graininess of the image created by a variety of factors, including available light, image intensifier tube quality and the device power supply) and easily distinguished targets.

The point of impact with night vision was the same as with the day scope alone. Note: I recommend using the Mil dot reticle as the more detailed reticles can make it difficult to see the small aiming point on targets. In real world shooting it’s not necessary to be able to shoot a one-inch group at night, though I believe it is possible with this outfit if the shooter takes his time and aims carefully.

The combination of the Night Optics USA D-930 Night Vision device and the Bushnell Tactical 3 1/2x to 21x HDMR  day scope is outstanding! The high quality glass in the Bushnell scope and the high-gain D-930 together make an awesome day/night kit! Bushnell & Night Optics have a winner in this combo and should be promoted as such. Law enforcement, military and sophisticated hunters will find the Bushnell scope and the Night Optics USA D-930 an outstanding package.

Testing Specifications

Rifle: Armalite AR10 Match .308
Scope: Bushnell Elite Tactical HDMR Riflescope, 3.5 x to 21x 50mm
Night Vision: Night Optics USA, Inc. D-930 Day/Night Weapon Sight
Ammunition: Hand-loaded, .308 match cases, 168gr. HPBT
Range: 100 Yards
Conditions: Night; Ambient light: Stars and city glow 20mi. south, no wind and clear sky.
Firing position: Bipod prone

Group fired at 100 yards at night using the Bushnell HDMR scope and Night Optics USA D-930 day/night adapter. Group measures 1.75” horizontal and .8” vertical. I was using the two sighters that are marked as aiming points.

Written by: Rolando A. Petit & Steve Langford
Review by: Steve Langford
Photos: © Night Optics USA | All Rights Reserved.

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