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We were honored recently to learn that the good folks over at Miva Merchant liked what we did with their e-commerce platform and wanted to do a feature on our website.

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Our website is an important marketing tool and an excellent informational resource for our customers, dealers and other welcome visitors. Designing Nightoptics.com as it is known today was born from several different concepts.

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Over the last several years Night Optics USA, Inc. has built a substantial reseller/distribution network. First and foremost we wanted nightoptics.com to reflect a more corporate business model, while supporting our reseller network. Online sales is a distant 2nd to allow business to funnel down through our dealer network, however we do offer some “Nightoptics.com only products” which enables us to make good use of our e-commerce system.

In the future we are looking forward to a host of upgrades to the site. Improving the user experience is the first step to creating a happy Night Optics USA customer!


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