Night Optics Introduces the NEW Explorer 400

Night Optics Explorer 400 Thermal Camera

The new Night Optics Explorer 400 handheld thermal imaging camera delivers big improvements and features over the Explorer 320.

The Explorer 400 is loaded with new features adding new levels of utility and performance that you’re sure to find useful. This compact 400×300 resolution thermal camera can be operated using one hand while the simple design and button layout make the device super easy to use!

Capture images to the 8gb of internal storage. Access to images is super easy via direct Wifi wireless connection from a computer, tablet or smart phone or by plugging in with the supplied USB cable. Other notable features include live object tracking (a crosshair is activated and selects the hottest point on the field of view), 5 polarity options, image brightness control, LED map light, 2 & 4x digital magnification, video out and much more!

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