brings back global sales

In the past night offered international sales to our online customers. Shortly before launching the latest version of the website, international services were removed.

In recent months, we have been working on a safe and secure solution that would allow us to sell our products online to customers outside of the united states. From day one our goal was to limit/eliminate fraud and also allow only approved products to be purchased for export. Our solution is not the easy way out, but it protects us and our customers, and allows us to open a dialogue with our international customers to ensure they get exactly what they need. Shipping internationally can get quite expensive so communication is key.

Here is how is works:

  1. The visitor browses
  2. When they find the product(s) that they are looking for, they are instructed to visit a page on our website with a form.
  3. The visitor will enter some basic information as well as the products that they desire and submit.
  4. A Night Optics USA contacts the customer to verify the products that they are requesting are in-fact what they need, quotes a price with shipping and insurance and offers payment options.
  5. Once the customer has confirmed this information we proceed to send an invoice.
  6. Once payment is received, the product is shipped and on the customers doorstep within 6-10 business days.

The service has been live for 5 days and is working very well so far. Night Optics USA, Inc. is excited to be able to offer our great products, once again, to  members of the international community.

Export restrictions apply. Click here for more information

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