Night Optics PVS-14 Dual Mount System

DM-14-2Night Optics USA introduces the Dual PVS-14/Sentry 14 helmet mount system for L3/Harris Exelis spec PVS-14 night vision monoculars. This is a highly adaptable system that can be configured as a single-tube or dual-tube stereoscopic night vision goggle. This mounting system adds exceptional versatility to each PVS-14/Sentry 14 by making it possible to quickly detach one or both units from the head mount for weapon-mounted use or handheld as a surveillance/observation tool!


The unique design allows one or both devices to be swung up 180 degrees, completely out of the line of sight. For low profile operation, entire assembly can be folded back against the helmet. This feature decreases the chance of knocking the devices against obstacles and keeps center-of-gravity as low as possible for operator comfort. The dual mount system comes standard with two mounting arms, but can be used with a single monocular on either eye, without anything interfering with the visual field of the opposite eye, and it can be instantly upgraded to a dual-tube system.

DM-14-1The dual mount system offers redundancy, flexibility and ease of maintenance. Unlike a dedicated PVS-15 night vision goggle, dual PVS-14s give the user two separate power supplies, decreasing the potential for complete system failure. The Night Optics Dual PVS-14/Sentry 14 helmet mount system does not interfere with the installation of the PVS-14/Sentry 14 quick release weapon mount (WM-D14) and is directly compatible with all Wilcox and Norotos dovetail helmet mounts.

The Dual mount is made in the USA using high quality materials!

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