SHWAT Article: What Night Vision Should I Use?

Excerpt: Rifle Mounted Night Vision Scopes – The Green and White

Night Optics D740 Gen 2That said, while it might be the coolest kit for NV hunting, the helmet mounted PVS-14 isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to get started in night hunting. Fortunately, TNVC provided a Night Optics Gen 3 D750 Marauder 4x magnified NV scope and a Gen 2 White Phosphor D760. I didn’t have the chance to use either, but they sure looked sweet. I asked Brian McCombie to chime in here with his thoughts on using these two rifle mounted magnified scopes for hog hunting with his Remington R25 Gen 2 .308 rifle:

With a full or partial moon, I was able to see out to 500-plus yards in the dead of night, and see well enough to know if I was seeing cattle or hogs—at distance. Even on an overcast night, I could make out objects to several hundred yards, and then stalk up close enough for a better look.

The crosshairs are fairly sharp and visible, even when placed against a dark animal. The magnification on the two TNVC scopes I used was a big help, to both distinguish details of the target and to provide me with the general lay of the land when I was stalking across open ground. The latter is quite important, especially when hunting new land; the TNVC scopes helped me avoid things like hidden ditches and low-level fences that could easily lead to a busted leg or ankle. The fixed scope is a lot easier for me to get on target than the head and gun mounted gear Jonathan used.

Night Optics D750To me, the D750 Marauder really looked amazing. If you’re familiar with the D740, the D750 is similarly a 4x magnified optic but with 25-30% more light transmission. The image was detailed, clean, had great contrast and was bright. The physical controls are better laid out as well.

The White Phosphor Gladius D760 was a Gen 2 6x magnified optic. While Gen 2,  the additional magnification is really hard to argue with. Instead of a green image, you get a brighter black and white image which some people who struggle with degrees of color blindness find superior.

So there you have some options. I really enjoy the combination of a PVS-14 and laser. Maybe I’ve watched too many movies, but then again for lights out CQHH (Close Quarters Hog Hunting) it has served me well. For nighttime navigation, it’s the best set up I’ve used. But you can’t really argue with the magnified optics as your range to target increases. What’s best for you? Well, you might need to strike up a conversation on our Tactical Hunting forum here to dig in deeper, but I hope this gives you a good start on your decision making.

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