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Review: Night Optics Explorer 320 Thermal Camera

Written By: TheEyeGuy @ http://texags.com

Explorer320With my familiarity with Night Optics and trust in their product, I felt most comfortable turning to them to fill my needs. The specific unit I ordered is the Explorer 320, a medium priced unit that was recommended to me by my rep since I did not want to break the bank on it. There are several variations on the build of these units, ranging from a gun scope to a monocular to binoculars. Being one that doesn’t generally like pointing my gun at something until I am ready and sure that I want to shoot it, I don’t personally like having a thermal scope. Additionally, with the stark contrast in resolution between this and regular night vision, I am of the school of thought to use this as a scanner and then night vision/spotlights to zero in on a target. With all of this in mind and after waiting for three days for UPS to ship it from the West Coast, it arrived in my hands last Friday…continue reading

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Introducing: Observer 320 384×288 Thermal Cameras w/ 25 & 50mm models


Night Optics, an industry leader in night vision optics, has introduced a new lightweight and ergonomically designed 384×288 resolution thermal camera. The new Observer 320 is a unique and highly capable thermal imaging device that is an excellent tool for hunters, outdoorsmen and farmers, as well as law enforcement and security professionals. Continue reading “Introducing: Observer 320 384×288 Thermal Cameras w/ 25 & 50mm models” »