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Nightoptics.com gets a huge upgrade!

Night Optics WebsiteNovember 3, 2015 Night Optics launched the 6th version of nightoptics.com. The new website boasts a ton of great new features, including product quick look, image enlargement with light box and navigation for more detailed viewing, product sorting options, improved search, a much cleaner, easier to use interface and a responsive HTML5/CSS3 layout that senses the size of your display and automatically adjusts the layout for the best user experience.

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Product Update: IR Variable Power Switch

IR Variable Power Switch

Product Code: IR-VS

Night Optics USA, Inc. is now offering a new 3 position Variable Power Switch.

The new switch features improved construction, with smoother switching and an easy to use 3 position (100% | OFF | 50%) power output.

The previous generation of the IR Variable Power Switch featured a 5 position switch (OFF | 100% | 50% | 25% | OFF).

The new and improved switch is also lighter, down 5 grams from the previous generation.

Link to file: IR-VPS-Redesign