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Friday The 13th

One of our amazing customers and owner of an Argus 740 and more recently, a high spec unfilmed Marauder 750, sent us an amazing story about his experience hunting coyotes on his property on Friday, May 13th 2016! Read below, really good stuff!


Friday the 13th
By: One Happy Veteran

No, this is not a horror story, that is, unless you are a fawn eating coyote!

It’s the middle of May and whitetail does will start dropping their fawns at any time here in Leon County. Once the fawns hit the ground, coyotes will be hunting the fawns for their breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know, because I have killed coyotes that were hunting fawns in the morning, at noon and night. Continue reading “Friday The 13th” »

Tactical Hog Control Featured on Nightline ABC

Night Optics USA dealer Clark Osbourne of Tactical Hog Control featured on ABC Night Line using Night Optics USA products.

Cottonwood Armory | Tactical Hog Control

Original Video

Featured Products:

D-760 6x Night Vision Scope | Gen 3 Gated w/ Manual Gain
D-740 4x Night Vision Scope | Gen 3 Gated w/ Manual Gain
TS-640 640×480 Thermal Weapon Scope w/ Video out capability