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Friday The 13th

One of our amazing customers and owner of an Argus 740 and more recently, a high spec unfilmed Marauder 750, sent us an amazing story about his experience hunting coyotes on his property on Friday, May 13th 2016! Read below, really good stuff!


Friday the 13th
By: One Happy Veteran

No, this is not a horror story, that is, unless you are a fawn eating coyote!

It’s the middle of May and whitetail does will start dropping their fawns at any time here in Leon County. Once the fawns hit the ground, coyotes will be hunting the fawns for their breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know, because I have killed coyotes that were hunting fawns in the morning, at noon and night. Continue reading “Friday The 13th” »

Article: Like Night And Day | Guns Magazine

Night Optics gets mention in an article on GunsMagazine.com



The guys I was with were using suppressed AR’s (30-round magazines being the norm) with night vision or thermal imaging scopes-Night Optics being the brand of choice. Obviously, the definition of approved “shooting hours” was a bit more elastic than I was used to.

Full Article: http://gunsmagazine.com/like-night-and-day/

Press Release: Night Optics USA introduces a new line of night vision iPhone adaptor kits.

Night Vision Weapon Sight iPhone Adaptor Kit


Huntington Beach, CA – Night Optics USA introduces a new line of night vision iPhone adaptor kits. All components are designed and manufactured in the United States and are compatible with a wide range of Night Optics products.

The popularity of the iPhone, with its high-resolution image and video capture capabilities means that these kits make it easy to transform a variety of night vision devices into high-resolution cameras. Both kits are compatible with the iPhone 4, 4s and 5.

Currently there are two kits available — a shooters kit (CAM-IPWPK) which is compatible with the Night Optics D-740, D-750 and D-760 night vision weapon sights and the standard kit (CAM-IP-14K) which is compatible with the PVS-14, PVS-7, LRB-7 and LRM-14 high performance night vision systems.

These kits are perfect for outdoorsmen, sky watchers, hunters and law enforcement professionals and can be used for low-light, observation, surveillance, spotting or just to capture image and video footage to share with friends.

Suggested retail pricing starts at $184.99

For more information on Night Optics products, visit the website at www.nightoptics.com

Rolando Petit – Marketing
Night Optics USA, Inc.
714-899-4475 x203

NEW: TM-X 160×120 Thermal Camera

TM-X Thermal Camera

The all-new TM-X (160×120) uncooled thermal camera is compact, lightweight and ergonomically-designed.

With features such as removable SD card storage, video capture, image capture, 2x digital zoom, and simple controls, the TM-X is powerful and feature-packed at an amazing value.

While night vision technology relies on amplification of ambient light or assisting illumination, thermal devices are completely passive, sensing extremely minute temperature differences.

These versatile monoculars work great day or night and are excellent for security, perimeter control, search and rescue, vehicle Identification, wildlife observation and much more.

2 Year Warranty

TM-X 160×120 Thermal Camera (1x | 25mm)

Spotlight: New Products at Night Optics USA

Back in January 2012 at Show Show in Las Vegas, Night Optics USA debuted the largest selection of new products in our 19 year history. The Bushnell acquisition added much appreciated interest in both of our locations, while new full color catalogs lept from the shelves so quickly that we needed to have more flown in overnight to close the show.

So what did we bring to the show?

1. D-750 4x Night Vision Scope | Upgraded Optics and new power supply/controls design

Continue reading “Spotlight: New Products at Night Optics USA” »