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Night Optics USA Launches a NEW Website!

Official Press Release: Related to the launch of the new Night Optics USA website.

Commentary provided by the developer/designer on the NightOptics.com reboot project

“Websites are the new storefront. Most people will never meet you face to face in this global market, but a beautifully designed website provides a great first impression to build a trusting relationship with the visitor. If the site is not up to par or low in quality the perception is that your products and services that you provide are similar. My goal here was to take Night Optics USA to the next level. In the past their websites appeared to be a side project, but now the focus will be on building professional relationships through the website. The show of quality in the design and layout should be a direct reflection of the type of company that the client/consumer is doing business with.”  ~ Rolando Petit

Posted on PR Log 3/25/2011

Night Optics USA Launches a NEW Website!.

The new NightOptics.com goes live

In October 2011 we brought in Rolando Petit to help assist with the Night Optics USA marketing program.

Rolando: “We have spent more than 5 months developing the new website. There are lots of pages and products that needed attention, not to mention the complete redesign of their old site from the ground up. When I came in, I was essentially working with a blank canvas. I saw a lot of room for improvement, and I hope that my vision will yield great results for these guys.”

Front Page Screen

Product Category Screen

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