Panther 336 Thermal Riflescope (336x256 | 50mm)

Panther 336 Thermal Riflescope (336x256 | 50mm)

Panther 336 Thermal Riflescope (336x256 | 50mm)


Main Features

  • Precise Optical Focus
  • 50mm High Grade Germanium Optics
  • Digital Magnification
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Immediate Startup
  • Brilliant 600x800 AMOLED Display
  • Display Brightness Control
  • 4+ Hours Battery Life
  • Auto or Manual Calibration
  • Mil-Dot or Cross Hair Reticles
  • 7 color palette options
  • Automatic Brightness Contol
  • Video-Out (Optional)
  • Simple Menu System

To Place an order or for more information, please call 800-306-4448.

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  • Panther 336 Thermal Riflescope
  • Quick Release Mount
  • Flip-up Objective cover
  • Lens Cloth
  • Hard case
  • Operator Manual

"I work at Lizard Lope and do most of the night hog hunting. Out of the box the Night Optics Panther 336 Thermal Weapon Sight is hands-down better than the FLIR RS64. It has a better picture quality and the resolution seems equal.

The FLIR riflescope picture has too much bloom even after adjusting the settings. The night optics scope is also more user friendly and one can quickly get used to the controls. This is especially good since it is used mostly in total darkness."
~ Nathan @ Lizard Lope Lodge - Dawson, GA

The Panther 336 Thermal Riflescope is a no-nonsense, purpose built shooting system for those who are serious about Infrared performance and quality!We've taken our time to engineer what we believe is a massive step forward in the crowd of thermal riflescopes available today.

Panther 336 is deceptively lightweight and easy to use. The high grade 50mm germanium objective features an optical focus adjustment knob similar to those found on our industry leading D-7 series night vision riflescopes. A high resolution 600H x 800W display with selectable auto or manual brightness control delivers impressive, crisp images at each digital magnification level. Button layout was one of the mostimportant aspects in developing the Panther riflescope. We believe that the shooters experience while using the system should be simple, yet intuitive. With certain buttons designed with tactile elements the user can easily distinguish what button is being pressed without looking.

The absolute most important feature that sets the Panther Riflescope apart from the rest is the ultra simplistic and minimalist system menu. Taking queues from users of other thermal riflescopes as well as our first generation TS Series riflescopes, our engineers were able to create, what we think is the best menu system out there. It doesn't need to be that difficult! The menu screen consists of 3 options. From those options the user can adjust windage and elevation, color palette, reticle type and color as well as automatic shutter and brightness control. By removing fluff and confusion, menu selections can be made on-the-fly without hassle. We will continue to refine the menu firmware over time, making it even better and even more useful.

The Panther riflescope utilizes 2 3v CR123 batteries which deliver more than 4 hrs of continuous use. A durable flip-up cap protects the sensitive germanium optics, while a soft rubber eye cup provides substantial comfort and eye relief.

The Panther 336 thermal riflescope is proudly hand-built and tested in the United States!

Panther 336 | 336x256 3.5-14x Thermal Riflescope

Panther 336 | 336x256 3.5-14x Thermal Riflescope

Resolution (FPA Format) 336x256 VOx II Microbolometer
Optics 3.5-14x | 50mm f1.2 High-Grade Germanium
Refresh Rate Smooth Real-time 60 Hz
Field of View (standard) 12°x9°
Digital Zoom 1x (2x), 2x (4x), 4x (8x)
Spectral Response Sensitivity 7.5-13.5 µm
Pixel Pitch 17 µm
NETD (Thermal Sensitivity) <50mk
Detect Human Activity +/- 1500 m
Diopter Adjustment -4 to +3
Eye Relief 50mm
Range of Focus 10m to ∞
Eyepiece Adjustment Manual Focus
Additional Controls Brightness; Shutter
Reticle Mil-Dot & Crosshairs
Reticle Options 5 Colors | Windage & Elevation
Polarity Control Black Hot / White Hot / Sepia
Color Palette 7 color options
Display 600 x 800 AMOLED
Video Output NTSC (STD) PAL (On Request)
Power Requirement (2) 3v CR123 Batteries
Continuous Operation 4+ Hours
Environmental Water Resistant
Weight (with mount & batteries) 630g
Dimensions (mm) 260x78x92
Operating Temperature -40°F to 140°F

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