How far can I see at night?

There are many variables to consider that can affect visible distance with a Night Vision device. First, what are you trying to see? The larger the object the easier it is to see. What are the lighting conditions? The more ambient light you have, the more you will be able to see. You can always see further under moon and/or starlight. Generally, you should be able to tell the difference between male & female figures at around 75-100 yards. Remember - Night Vision Technology is meant to help you see in the dark, but not necessarily long distances like with binoculars.

What's the difference between night vision & thermal?

Night Vision operates on the principle of light amplification; Thermal Imaging is a technology that creates a photographic image or video sequence of light emitted by an object at terrestrial temperatures (Heat Signature)

What does "autogated" mean?

Auto-Gating constantly operates to improve the quality of the image, not only during day-night-day transition, but also under dynamic lighting conditions

When the power supply is "auto-gated," it means the system is turning itself on and off at a very rapid rate. This, combined with a thin film attached to the microchannel plate (an ion barrier) reduces blooming. While "blooming" can be noticeably less on systems with a thin film layer, systems with thicker film layers can be perfectly acceptable depending on the end user's application. Deciding which night vision goggle is better should not be based solely on blooming.

Why don't you sell "generation 4"?

Some say that generation (Gen) 4 is the most advanced night vision you can buy. This is not the case. To dispel this myth, let's start with the basics. There are four Generations of night vision; however, they are Gen 0-3, not Gen 1-4. Historically, the U.S. Army has defined each Generation of night vision. In the late 90's the Army did define Gen 4 as the removal of the ion barrier film creating a "filmless" tube. This new advancement was to reduce halos while increasing sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and resolution, for overall improved performance. While performance was improved, the lack of an ion barrier in Gen 4 tubes led to high failure rates, ultimately leading the U.S. Army to recant the existence of Gen 4 definition.

Recognizing the high failure rates of Gen 4 tubes, ITT chose to improve upon the existing Gen 3 technology and create a "thin-filmed" tube. By keeping the protective ion barrier, but greatly reducing its thickness, ITT was able to maintain the reliability of Gen 3 while at the same time delivering on the Army's performance requirements intended for Gen 4. This innovation resulted in the production of the Gen 3 thin-filmed tube, which is now the highest performing Gen 3 tube available.

So in short Generation 4 does not exist. Anyone claiming to have the technology is not being entirely genuine.

Can I become an exclusive dealer in my country?

Generally, Night Optics USA avoids exclusive agreements until such time as prospective dealers have created a significant client/customer base and track record to justifying exclusivity.

What does it take to export NV or thermal?

Discussion of temporary vs permanent export & required documentation. Also see our Export Restrictions

Will you support me for a tender/bid in my country?

Yes, but our involvement will depend on several factors.
1. Prior commitments.
2. Availability of clear requirements.
3. Book of business with government entities and contact level(s).
4. Finances - If bid bonds &/or other sureties are involved, will the agent's company must guarantee all deposits and securities.
5. What services will the agent provide and for what cost.

Why can't you export autogated systems when we can get them elsewhere?

See Export Restrictions here.

Can you visit my country to demo your equipment & meet our governmental leaders?

Yes we can. Contact us for more information.

Why do I need an Infrared Illuminator?

Infra Red Illuminator does emits an infra-red light that is near invisible to the naked eye but your NVD can see it.

IR Illuminator is Ideal aid for extreme low light conditions. Significantly extends capabilities of weapon sights, observation devices and photographic equipment.

Because the performance of any night vision or low-light CCD device is dependent on ambient light, magnification, atmospheric transparency, and contrast between the target and its background, addition of the right IR Illuminator can significantly enhance visual acuity and extend detection ranges.