Norotos Dual Dovetail Adaptor (PVS-14 THA)

Norotos Dual Dovetail Adaptor (PVS-14 THA)

Norotos Dual Dovetail Adaptor (PVS-14 THA)


Main Features:

  • State-of-the-art shut-off mechanism
  • Water/moisture resistant
  • Automatic goggle shut-off
  • Right/left eye compatible

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  • Norotos Dual Dovetail Adaptor

Finally! This item has been long awaited. Replacing your current PVS-14 "J" arm, the Dual Dovetail Adapter will transform your PVS-14 goggles into the most advanced, revolutionary, anti-wobble interface the market has ever seen. The built in THA will give users a 1/2" infinite horizontal adjust to position the NVG exactly where needed.

Dual Dovetail Demo Image (Click Here)

For optimal performance, merely attach a second dovetail and get on-the-fly, right eye/left eye capability. Formerly compatible to only horn-style helmet mounts, PVS-14 goggles utilizing the Dual Dovetail Adapter will now be compatible with nearly every Norotos Helmet Mount. Additionally, we were able to seal the system such that it is very water resistant and will not short out as the current "J" arm is capable of doing. The Dual Dovetail Adapter will allow your PVS-14 Helmet Mount System to achieve ultimate reliability and stability.


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