Fusion/NV/Thermal Riflescope

Fusion/NV/Thermal Riflescope

Fusion/NV/Thermal Riflescope


  • RECOIL-ACTIVATED RECORDING - Constantly-recorded video is automatically saves 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after a shot is fired.
  • CONTINUOUS CALIBRATION - The screen will not freeze when you’re ready to shoot.
  • FUSION - Digital night vision with thermal overlay. Quickly detect targets with thermal and identify with digital night vision.

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  • Core Resolution - 80 x 60
  • Display Resolution - 390 x 390
  • Zoom - 1X
  • Horizontal POV - 18°thermal 54° NV
  • Eye Relief - 2 in

The new Night Optics® SVTS riflescope line is the world’s first continuous calibration thermal rifle scope line. Continuous calibration assures the screen will not freeze at a critical moment. The addition of Heat Tracker quickly identifies the next target with an arrow pointing to targets outside of the visible screen. The quick select menu, waterproof construction, and multiple reticle choices ensure fast target acquisition and accuracy in adverse weather conditions.

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