R. Dawson - Hunter

Pictured: R. Dawson - Long Range Hunter - Virginia

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Nathan - Lizard Lope Lodge - Georgia

"I work at Lizard Lope and do most of the night hog hunting. Out of the box the Night Optics Panther 336 Thermal WeaponSight is hands-down better than the FLIR RS64. It has a better picture quality and the resolution seems equal. The FLIR riflescope picture has too much bloom even after adjusting the settings. The night optics scope is also more user friendly and one can quickly get used to the controls. This is especially good since it is used mostly in total darkness."

R. Dawson - Virginia

"I killed a coyote at 737 yards in the dark the other night using D-930 3GM mounted on a Bushnell HDMR atop Armalite AR-30 300 Win Mag with AAC Titan suppressor."

J. Pinsky - Virginia

"The Marauder 750 is quite accurate keeping the Doublestar rifle well under MOA at 100 yards during sight-in."

T. Glueck - Maryland

"Got my new Marauder 750 scope today. Its insane technology. It puts the "bad" in badass. I love it! Thanks again!"

Sales Director - major firearms manufacturer

"I finally got to shoot your D-740 Weapon Scope, I was very pleased. I did not have to use the illuminator at all, but will say that everyone I have shown it to, has been VERY impressed. Must tell you that the IR light you gave me is UNBELIEVABLE. I was spotting critters at 500yds in Montana and the guys with me could not believe it either."


"I didn't get much sleep last night!! But I'm very impressed with the quality of the night vision monocular that you supplied. The M864-HD tube exceeded all my expectations of Gen 2 night vision, providing a clear and crisp image indoors and out. I would strongly recommend your company to others considering purchasing night vision."

Oklahoma Sheriff's Deputy

"A pair of 221B Night Vision Binoculars was purchased for our department. They have been a tremendous asset for us."

The Los Angeles Times

Night Optics USA, Inc.'s D-212 binoculars are "very bright" and have the "best resolution" among its competitors.

USAF Sniper School

"Night Optics USA, Inc.'s MiNi 14 (mounted on your Day/Night adaptor) was a welcome sight for use on the M-4 rifle as well as on the M24 system. It was nice not to have to change out the day scope for a night scope. The MiNi-14 was used out to a range of 600 meters with good hits all the way."

Dun and Bradstreet

Performance Ratings show Night Optics USA, Inc to be in the top quintile of rated companies with exceptionally strong scores in Cost, Quality, Customer Support and Personnel.

US Army Snipers

"Our sniper teams had the privilege to use the D-740 and D-760 night sights for our night fire SNIPER COMPETITION."

Commercial User

"Night Optics USA products are without doubt the best on the market. Their service and honesty are truly the best anywhere. Night Optics always puts customer satisfaction at the top of the list, period!

Commercial User

"I received my D-760 Friday and mounted it Sunday. Absolutely satisfied with this scope and I want to thank you again for the great service and help that you have given me."

Night Optics Dealer

"Nice job on the TS-320 Thermal Riflescope! Easy to use and good job with details like the battery compartment and controls. I hope we sell a lot of them."